Graduate Coursework Programs

Master of Public Health - Global Health Specialisation

The global health specialisation places particular emphasis on health in resource limited settings. By exploring key areas of global health, students who undertake subjects within this specialisation will gain a critical understanding of the global issues which impact the health of people in low and middle income populations. Moreover, students will develop skills required to respond to important health issues via needs assessment, program planning, implementation and evaluation, and the application of these in a global setting. Students may also apply to undertake a Research Project in Global Health in any area of interest.

The specialisation is suitable for people who are currently working in global health, students from low and middle income countries, and those interested in gaining qualifications that will enable them to develop and implement best practice responses to global health issues. It will assist people planning to work with international aid/development agencies and NGOs.

Coordinator:    Dr Timothy Moore
Contact:          Nossal Institute for Global Health
Tel:                 +61 3 8344 1996

Graduates wishing to follow a program in Global Health can choose the following option:

Master of Public Health - with a specialisation in Global Health