Graduate Coursework Programs

Master of Public Health - Health Economics/Economic Evaluation Specialisation

Students specialising in Health Economics will learn to appreciate and apply core concepts and theories behind health economics as a way of thinking. The specialisation equips students with essential knowledge and skills in micro-economics to allow them to analyse and discuss key policy issues in public health from an “economic” perspective. Students often choose to combine Health Economics with related subjects (e.g., Economic Evaluation, Health Systems and Health Policy). Students are also encouraged to take an introductory subject in Linear and Logistic Regression.

Students specialising in Economic Evaluation will learn to recognise the kinds of situations and issues which require economic evaluation, the types of economic appraisal available, and the strengths and limitations of different types of economic appraisal. Students will develop knowledge and skills in economic evaluation which will allow them to conduct systematic critical reviews, formulate economic evaluation protocols and perform economic appraisals. Students are encouraged to combine Economic Evaluation with subjects in Biostatistics, Epidemiology (which provide the evidence-base for economic appraisal), and Health Program Evaluation (introducing complementary forms of appraisal).

Coordinator:      Dr. Arthur Hsueh
Contact:            Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics
Telephone:        +61 3 8344 0649

Graduates wishing to follow a program in Health Program Evaluation can choose the following option:

Master of Public Health with a specialisation in Health Program Evaluation.