Graduate Coursework Programs

Master of Public Health - Indigenous Health Specialisation

The Indigenous Health Specialization of the MPH provides students with the knowledge and skills to take a leadership role in Indigenous health and increase their effectiveness in the implementation of policies aimed at addressing the Gap (between Indigenous health status and that of the broader Australian population). It will provide the rapidly expanding workforce in Indigenous public health with specialist knowledge aligned with their work. The specialisation is built around three themes: 1. Understanding the Gap in health status through developing an insight into contemporary Indigenous health status and the historical antecedents shaping contemporary social determinants; 2. Shaping the Response by providing students with a choice of specialist knowledge in Indigenous health policy, leadership and management, or research; and 3. Closing the Gap by providing students with an understanding of critical areas of Indigenous health intervention in Indigenous contexts. In addition to the elective units offered at the University of Melbourne outlined in the subject list, there are two units which students may undertake through a cross-institutional enrolment at the University of Queensland as part of the MPH Indigenous Health Specialization: Indigenous Health Policy and Substance Use & Misuse Among Indigenous People.

Coordinator:    Dr Shaun Ewen & Ms Leanne Coombe
Contact:          Centre for Health & Society
Telephone:     +61 3 8344 9230 or 8344 9375
Email:      or

Graduates wishing to follow a program in Indigenous Health can choose the following option:

Master of Public Health - with a specialisation in Indigenous Health.