How to Apply

Prospective Research Students

Closing Dates

Applications for the Masters of Philosophy and PhD programs can be submitted at any time.

Application Process

Applying for a research higher degree with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences comprises four main steps:

  1. There are a range of things to consider when applying for a research higher degree. Before you proceed with submitting a pre-application, you should read about:

  2. Submit a Pre-Application Form:

    Prospective applicants must submit a Pre-Application Form for Prospective Research Students directly to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. This form will be used to establish your eligibility for entry into a Graduate Research program offered by the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health and whether the School can provide supervision in the proposed field of research. If the School is able to offer research facilities and appropriate supervision, applicants will be advised to submit a formal application. Please note that this pre-application is not a formal application.  This does not guarantee you will be made an offer of a place. All applicants must meet the University's Entry standards and English Language requirements to be eligible for an offer of a place.

  3. Submit a Formal Application Form:

    If the School is able to offer appropriate supervision you will receive email advice from the School's Higher Degree by Research Committee inviting you to lodge a formal application to the University.  You MUST include this email with your application. 

  4. Outcomes: 

    Please read about timelines and what to do when you receive notice of the outcome of your formal application.

For all enquiries, please contact the Academic Programs Office.