What’s the right course for me?

This very much depends upon your current qualifications, areas of interest and preferred learning methods.

Undergraduate Programs

The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health does not have a dedicated undergraduate program. Please refer to the undergraduate courses offered by the University.

Graduate Programs

If you have completed an undergraduate degree, there are two routes for further study:

Graduate Coursework Programs

  • This is a subject-based program involving a set stream of core subjects and electives.
  • Teaching methods vary depending upon the subject but can include classroom, distance or block mode delivery.
  • Some Masters programs allow students to undertake a research project or minor thesis that can contribute between 12.5 and 50% of the course, depending upon the program.
  • Coursework programs range from Graduate Certificate and Diploma courses through to Masters degrees.
  • For more, visit Graduate Coursework Programs.

Graduate Research Degrees

  • This route allows students to study a specific subject area in great depth. Graduate Research Degrees involve sustained independent enquiry, carried out under the direction of a supervising academic.
  • Assessment is predominantly based on a piece of autonomous written work.
  • The School encourages research students to undertake coursework at both Master and PhD level in order to obtain formal training in relevant research methods. Coursework can contribute to up to 33% of the degree.
  • Qualifications include the Master of Philosophy (MPhil), a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a PhD with coursework.
  • For more, visit Graduate Research Degrees.