Request for Amendment

Approval Process

Requests for Amendment are usually approved, or recommended for approval by the Chair of the School of Population and Global Health Human Ethics Advisory Group (MSPGH-HEAG) out of session and don't require review at an MSPGH-HEAG meeting. However the Chair reserves the right to consult other members as appropriate.

Amendments to Minimal Risk and Projects-within-Programs
Once approved, a formal letter will be sent to the responsible researcher. The Request for Amendment is sent by the MSPGH-HEAG administrator to the Human Ethics Sub-Committee (HESC) for noting.

Amendments to Project Applications and Program Applications

The MSPGH-HEAG Administrator will notify you when HEAG has recommended approval, and forward the Request for Amendment to HESC for final review. Once their review is complete you will be contacted by the HESC regarding the outcome. After approval is recommended by HEAG, please direct any enquiries to HESC.

This help sheet procides more detailed information on the Themis amendment process:

Once printed the Responsible Researcher needs to sign the Request for Amendment. If the Responsible Researcher is not available any other named researcher (student researchers excepted) may sign on his or her behalf.

Forward the paperwork to the MSPGH-HEAG Administrator:

Richard Mohr
School of Population and Global Health
Room 428, 207 Bouverie Street
The University of Melbourne VIC 3010