Submitting an Application

Once you have entered and submitted your application via Themis, hard copies need to be printed, signed and submitted to the HEAG Administrator. You application will be reviewed by the School of Population and Global Health Human Ethics Advisory (MSPGH HEAG) Group, which meets on a fortnightly basis.
  • Applications should be submitted in both Themis and in hard copy by 5:00pm on the day of the deadline. MSPGH-HEAG meeting dates and deadlines can be found here - HEAG meetings.
    NOTE: If you are unable to submit the application by the deadline, contact the HEAG Administrator (contact details below) to request an extension to the deadline. Please note that deadlines can sometimes be extended, but depending on workload and logistics these requests cannot always be accommodated.
  • Print the application summary report,which includes all the information you have entered in Themis. As of October 2013 this is done via the Project Details menu in Themis (refer to reference cards on the Office for Research Ethics and Integrity website for for instructions on all aspects of creating and submitting an application in Themis).
  • Attach all supporting paperwork (For example; application summary report, application form, survey, interview or other instruments, advertisements or recruitment emails, Plain Language Statement, Consent Form, emails or letters of support etc. You may include explanatory appendices or other documents as needed.)
  • ALL researchers named on new applications must sign the application. For amendments, only the responsible researcher needs to  sign.
  • Make 10 copies of the original signed application, including the application summary report and all the supporting paperwork with each copy, then submit to:

Richard Mohr
Executive Officer
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
Room 428, L4, 207 Bouverie Street
The University of Melbourne VIC 3010

Ph (03) 9035 3098
Email :

  • Please ensure that all copies, including the original, are double-sided. If possible, please ensure that the master copy does not contain staples.