Student access to THEMIS

The students University email account needs to be activated first:
Go to:
Click on the Student button

Enter the following details:

  • Student number
  • Date of Birth (format is DD-MON-YYYY)
  • Postcode of home residence (note: leave postcode blank if you are an International student)
  • Library BarCode

Click on the Student button again

Note:if you get an error message saying validation failed, please call the 13MELB contact centre (13 6352) to check that you have the correct details. Once this has been checked, if you still can’t log in, call the THEMIS help desk on x49500 (8344 9500 from an external phone).

Once the account has been successfully validated, to log into THEMIS:
Go to:
Click on the big grey THEMIS button
Enter your user name and password, then click on login

For information about using the Human Ethics module of THEMIS, browse the reference cards on the Office for Research Ethics and integrity home page.