Dr Erminia Colucci
Photo of Dr. Erminia Colucci

Senior Research Fellow
Centre for International Mental Health
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street
The University of Melbourne
VIC 3010
Tel:     +61 3 90353082
Email: ecolucci@unimelb.edu.au


Since 2007, Dr Erminia Colucci has been a Research Fellow/Lecturer at the Centre for International Mental Health. Erminia main area of research and training are in Psychology, Cultural Psychiatry and Anthropology. In 2008 she was granted a PhD in Cultural Psychiatry with a dissertation on ‘The cultural meaning of suicide: A comparison between Australian, Indian and Italian students’. Prior to this, she graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Padua (Italy), achieved a postgraduate certificate in Data Analysis in Psychology (University of Florence), received training in suicidology at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Suicide Prevention (University of Padua, Italy) and at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (Griffith University, Australia), and worked in Italy as a clinical psychologist.

Among other projects, currently Erminia is responsible for the AusAID-funded Public Sector Linkage Program ‘Strenghtening human resources for mental health in the North and East of Sri Lanka’ and for the domains ‘Research, Evaluation, Knowledge exchange and innovation’ and ‘Workforce and leadership development’ of the Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) national program.

Erminia’s research has been instrumental to improved understanding of suicide and suicide prevention across different cultures, particularly in the Asian-Pacific region. Most notably, her work was granted the Suicide Prevention Australia Emerging Research LIFE award because of her ‘significant contribution to understandings of what is an otherwise relatively neglected area of research-the ethnocultural aspects of suicide in young people’. Besides the socio-cultural context of suicide and suicide prevention in low income countries, Erminia is interested, more in general, in cultural and international/global mental health, women and human rights, gender issues including domestic/family violence, traditional and alternative healing, and spirituality. She is also involved in the exploration of arts-based/visual research and prevention methods, and cultural research methodology, and is part of the starting group of the Visual Research Collaboratory (School of Population and Global Mental Health).

Erminia’s research has been presented at various national and international conferences, and has been published in numerous academic journals and books, including her recent book “Suicide and Culture: Understanding the context” (Hogrefe Publishers). Erminia also produces photographic exhibitions and film-documentaries on her research and teaching interests. She is currently completing an MPhil in Ethnographic Documentary/Visual Anthropology (University of Manchester, UK) with a photo/film-documentary research project on human rights violations among people with mental illness in Indonesia (http://movie-ment.org/ ). Erminia is also the founder and festival director of APERTURE (Asia Pacific Ethnographic Documentary Festival http://www.aperturefestival.com/), co-hosted by CIMH and the Asia Institute on the 22-23 November 2013 in Melbourne.

Erminia is the National Representative for Italy of the World Suicidology Net, Chair of the International Association for Suicide Prevention SIG on Culture and Suicidal Behaviour, and co-chair of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry SIG on Arts, Media, and Mental Health.